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Affiliated Training Grants

Groups of researchers from Cognitive Science participate in several training grants. Four such grants are of particular interest.

  • The Training Grant in Speech, Hearing, and Sensory Communications
    • Directed by Professor David Pisoni
    • Presently supports 4 postdoctoral trainees, 4 pre-doctoral trainees, and 4 medical students.

  • The Training Grant in Modeling of Cognition
    • Directed by Professors James Townsend and Richard Shiffrin
    • Presently supports 2 pre-doctoral trainees and 1 postdoctoral trainee.

  • The Training Grant in the Departments of Psychology, Speech and Hearing Sciences, and Kinesiology
    • Directed by Professor Linda Smith
    • Supports 5 pre-doctoral and 3 postdoctoral trainees.

  • Training Grant in the Computer Science Department
    "Robotics and Intelligent Systems"
    • Administered by Professors Stephan Johnson and Jonathan Mills.