ASIC 2021 Twentieth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference


Hiking in the San Martino area

(This page will be elaborated in the near future)

San Martino is an outstanding outdoor adventure destination in the Dolomites of Italy. This page will highlight a few of the many activities available.

There are two cable cars in the area open in summer, the Colverde-Rosetta (see photo below), and the Tognola. See for details:


The area has 145 hiking trails, 27 long distance hiking trails, and 5 thematic trails. There are too many hiking and walking tours to list. For a few examples see:

There are many rock climbing areas near San Martino that offer the possibility of excursions from which a return would be possible in time for the conference.

Also see: This site has descriptions of several types of hikes in the area.

Mountaineering, Scrambling, and Peak Bagging:

There are more than 100 choices, ranging from strenuous hikes to scrambles to technical ascents. For examples see:

Some of these would require technical equipment and/or too much time to undertake during the conference days but could be done prior or after ASIC.

We hope that once again mountain guide and scientist Harald Atmanspacher will be available to lead groups on outings.

Rock Climbing:

There ae many rock climbing areas near San Martino that offer the possibility of excursions from which a return would be possible in time for the conference.

As is our usual practice, we will offer one or two group climbing days (at reduced pricing). These are organized at attractive and scenic venues. Tentatively the first day will be July 15, Thursday. These days are aimed at all climbers, but particularly newcomers and novices. The novices are taught how to climb on easy routes with topropes in place. The better climbers come and enjoy climbing on the more challenging routes in the same area. We expect the group days to be guided by Guido Bonvicini and perhaps other local guides.

Via Ferrata

Another favorite activity in which high mountain exposure and scenic views are available without technical climbing skills and with considerable safety: Each participant walks along, up, and down cliffs and canyons attached to and holding on to iron cables affixed to the rock faces. This is often done by families and children, though the more difficult ones might be facilitated by a guide.

Via Ferrata examples


There is excellent canyoning opportunities in Val Noana. See for descriptions. Participants don wetsuits and with the help of guides enter and descend a mountain stream in a narrow canyon. This exciting activity requires no experience and is suitable for families and children.

Parasailing (Parapente in France):

This is another exciting activity that can be enjoyed by novices, when done in tandem with an expert guide. One lifts off typically from a hillside or cliff (usually after a cable ride to reach the start), using a parasail large enough to lift and sail both the guide and the client. The two ascend thermals (often following birds) and eventually descend and land in a field. There are several guiding services offering this experience. See:

Road Biking and Mountain Biking:

The San Martino area has many opportunities for both forms of biking. See:



White Water Rafting

Another favorite activity for families and individuals. There are several areas where this can be done, though none immediately adjacent to San Martino. See:

Leisure Activities:

The area has many leisure activities. These include sports such as golf and tennis, and adventure parks.