ASIC 2021 Twentieth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

Format / Schedule

There will be a single speaking session each day each with seven (or more) talks. There are no posters. These sessions will be held either in a conference room at the hotel or in a nearby city conference center, the choice depending on attendance.

Normal talk duration will be 30 minutes including questions and discussion. However, if there are more than 42 - 48 presenters, then some talks will be assigned shorter time limits, or the organizer will choose those to speak. Information on submitting proposals for presentations is on the page of this website labeled “Talk Submissions".

The conference will start with registration and a reception at about 15:15 on Wednesday, July 14. On subsequent days there will be drinks and light snacks from about 15:45 - 16:15, followed by a speaking session. Dinner at the hotel will follow the session at about 20:00 - 20:15.