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Ph.D. Minor

Graduate students obtaining a Ph.D. in an originating discipline may find that the discipline gives them the option of taking a minor in Cognitive Science.

To obtain such a minor, students must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Obtain approval from the Cognitive Science Program by filling out this form and send it to our Graduate Secretary.

  • Coursework - Complete the following:

    • Q540 Philosophical Foundations of the Cognitive and Information Sciences (3 credits)

    • One of the following:

      • Q520 Mathematics and Logic for Cognitive Science
      • Q530 Programming Methods in Cognitive Science (3 credits)
      • Q560 Experimental Methods in Cognitive Science (3 credits)
      • Q550 Models in Cognitive Science (3 credits, Q530 and Q560 are pre-requisites)
      • Q551 The Brain and Cognition
      • [Note: this requirement may not be waived.]

    • At least two semesters of Q733 Colloquium Series (Please note, students entering program starting fall 2018, will need to sign up for Q733 for 1 credit for two semesters prior to candidacy)

    • At least 6 other credit hours in cross-listed Cognitive Science courses not in the originating discipline