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Indiana University Bloomington
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Research in cognitive science is carried out in and supported by a number of campus resources in addition to participating departments and the Cognitive Science Program. The faculty listing summarizes the specific research interests of the individual faculty members. Broad areas of research concentration within the program include:

  • Mathematical, Formal, and Computer Simulation

  • Models of Cognition:
    • Neural Network Models
    • Connectionist Models
    • Parallel and Serial Models
    • Machine Intelligence
    • Non-Linear Dynamic Systems
    • Stochastic Models
  • Empirical Tests, Logical Analyses, and Studies of:
    • Learning, Memory and Retrieval
    • Classification and Categorization
    • Attention, Automatism, and Capacity
    • Perception: Visual, Auditory, Tactile
    • Reasoning and Problem Solving
    • Decision Making and Heuristics
    • Language: Development, Usage, Understanding
    • Logic: Statement-base and Visual Logic
    • Second Language Acquisition
    • Syntax and Semantics
    • Speech Perception and Production
    • Cognitive Development
    • Development and Use of Motor Skills
    • Neural Basis of Cognition
    • Music: Production and Perception
    • Human Capabilities & Human-Computer Interaction
    • Educational Systems and Methods