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Welcome to our multimedia page. Below a samplng of multumedia content is an index of the site.


An article by Cognitive Science Program Director Colin Allen on the importance of the mind as well as the body in understanding cognition.

An article by Cognitive Science Program Director Colin Allen on the impact of embodied cognition on artificial intelligence.


A paper by IU Psychology Lecturer Ben Motz on Cognitive Science and movies. You can find the Cognitive Science movie index hosted at IU here.


Professor Peter Todd interviews German psychologist and author Gerd Gigerenzer. Professor Gigerenzer is the Director of the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. His research concerns the use of bounded rationality and heurisitcs in decision making.

Professor Jonathan Crystal speaking about memory with the editors of Current Biology. The papers discussed are featured in Current Biology Vol. 23 Issue 17.

Professor Colin Allen talks about robotics and morality. The interview features conversation about intelligent robots in films like Ex Machina and Chappie and how to make robots act in moral ways.

Professor Colin Allen talks about intelligent machines and morality.

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