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Emeriti Directory

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  • Ivor Davies
    Professor Emeritus, Human Performance Technology
    - Cognitive psychology:- strategic thinking; representation & process; competencies & competitive advantage; perception & action; human error & cognition.
  • Daniel Dinnsen
    Chancellor's Professor Emeritus, Linguistics
    Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Speech and Hearing Sciences
    - Phonological theory; phonology applied to impairments in language acquisition
  • J. Michael Dunn
    Professor Emeritus, Informatics and Computing
    Professor Emeritus, Philosophy
    - Non-classical logics


  • Michael Gasser
    Associate Professor Emeritus, Computer Science
    Associate Professor Emeritus, Cognitive Science
    - Natural language processing and acquisition
  • S. Lee Guth
    Professor Emeritus, Psychological And Brain Sciences
    - Mathematical models and experiments concerning human vision, especially color vision


  • Andrew J. Hanson
    Professor Emeritus, Computer Science
    - Human-computer interaction
  • Beverly Hartford
    Professor Emeritus, Second Language Studies
    - Second language acquisition; discourse effects in language acquisition; World Englishes


  • Diane Kewley-Port
    Professor Emeritus, Speech and Hearing Sciences
    - Auditory models of speech processing
  • Eugene Kintgen
    Professor Emeritus, English
    - Cognition of language and literature; cognitive processing in reading, literacy


  • Frank K. Lester, Jr.
    Chancellor's Professor Emeritus, Education
    Martha Lea and Bill Armstrong Chair Emeritus, Teacher Education
    - Mathematical problem-solving


  • David MacKay
    Professor Emeritus, Marketing
    Professor Emeritus, Geography
    - Probabilistic models of perception, preference, and choice; consumer behavior; consensual decision making
  • Eugene McGregor
    Professor Emeritus, Public and Environmental Affairs
    - The role of information technology in the development of public management systems


  • Philip Podsakoff
    John F Mee Chair, Management
    Professor, Organizational Behavior & Human Resources
    - Attitude-behavior linkages; organizational reward systems; power and social influence
  • Robert F. Port
    Professor Emeritus, Linguistics
    Professor Emeritus, Computer Science
    - Connectionist models of word perception


  • Charles Reigeluth
    Professor Emeritus, Education (Instructional Systems Technology)
    - Instructional psychology; instructional theory; instructional strategies; computer-based education
  • Edward Robertson
    Professor Emeritus, Computer Science
    Professor Emeritus, Informatics and Computing


  • Robert Sherwood
    Professor, Science Education
    - Situated Cognition in Science Instruction


  • Maynard Thompson
    Professor Emeritus, Mathematics
    - Mathematical and computer simulation modeling of biomedical and social processes
  • William D. Timberlake
    Professor Emeritus, Psychological And Brain Sciences
    Co-Director, Program in Animal Behavior
    Co-Director, Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
    - Analysis and modeling of regulatory systems


  • George M. von Furstenberg
    Professor Emeritus, Economics
    - Treatment of uncertainty in macroeconomics; signal extraction procedures in different sciences; optimal learning from uncertain news; establishing the degree of compliance with fuzzy undertakings


  • Wayne L. Winston
    Professor, Decision and Information Systems
    John & Esther Reese Professorship , Kelly School of Business
    - Applied probability


  • Larry Yaeger
    Professor Emeritus, Informatics and Computing
    - Cognition, Complexity, Artificial Life, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Ecological Simulation, Evolution, Information Theory, Handwriting Recognition