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Indiana University Bloomington
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Chung-chieh Shan

Assistant Professor School of Informatics and Computing
Office: Lindley Hall, Room 230B
Phone: (812) 856-4400


  • Ph.D., Computer Science at Harvard University, 2005
  • BA, Mathematics at Harvard University, 1999


  • Best paper (with Oleg Kiselyov) 2009, working conference on domain-specific languages
  • Beth dissertation award 2006, Association for Logic, Language and Information
  • Best paper (with Balder D. ten Cate) 2002, ESSLLI student session
  • First place (with Dylan P. Thurston) 2001, ACM ICFP programming contest

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University (2013–)
  • Researcher, Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba (Spring 2012)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, Cornell University (Fall 2011)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Center of Cognitive Science, Rutgers University (2005–2011)

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence, Compilers, Programming Languages, Programming Language Principles, Design, and Implementation

I work to tap into and enhance the amazing human ability to create concepts, combine concepts, and share concepts by lining up formal representations and what they represent. To this end, in the short term, I develop programming languages that divide what to do and how to do it into modules that can be built and reused separately. In particular, I develop so-called probabilistic programming languages, which divide stochastic models and inference algorithms into modules that can be built and reused separately. In the long term, I hope to supplant first-order logic by something that does not presuppose a fact of the matter what things there are, though there may be a fact of the matter what stuff there is.