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Chen Yu

Associate Professor Cognitive Science
Associate Professor Cognitive Science
Associate Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences
Office: PY 355
Phone: (812) 856-0838

See also: Professor Yu's homepage

See also: Computational Cognition and Learning Lab (PY 183)


  • Ph.D. 2004 University of Rochester, Computer Science

Research Interests

Development and learning in humans and machines, machine intelligence.

My research focuses on understanding human development and learning through both empirical studies and computational models with the hope to get a more complete picture. I am particularly interested in how language is grounded in sensorimotor experience and how language development depends on complex interactions among brain, body and environment. Based on computational models of human language acquisition and findings from empirical studies, my passion is to build anthropomorphic machines that learn and use language in human-like ways.

Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Johns, BrendanLanguage in Memory: Modeling the Influence of Linguistic Structure on Processing (August 2012)Jones, M. (Chair), Todd, P., Shiffrin, R., Yu, C.
Kachergis, George EarleMechanisms for Cross-Situational Learning of Word-Referent Mappings: Empirical and Modeling Evidence (December 2012)Shiffrin, R. (Co-Chair), Yu, C. (Co-Chair), Goldstone, R., Jones, M., Kruschke, J.
Kadihasanoglu, DidemAn Evolutionary Robotics Approach to Visually-Guided Braking: Data and Theory (October 2012)Beer, R. (Chair), Bingham, G., Busey, T., Yu, C.
Yurovsky, DanielMechanisms of Statistical Word Learning (September 2012) Yu, C. (Co-Chair), Smith, L. (Co-Chair), Shiffrin, R., Jones, S., Busemeyer, J.,
Schrementi, GiancarloLanguage in the Balance: Factors in the Emergence of Compositional Communication (June 2011) Gasser, M. (Co-Chair), Leake, D. (Co-Chair), Yaeger, L., Yu, C.
Anderson, JosephWalking to Reach: Binocular Disparity Matching and The Tau Hypothesis (January 2009)Bingham, G. (Co-Chair), Busey, T., Yu, C. (Co-Chair), Candy, R.
Klein, KrystalVocabulary Acquisition via Cross-Situational Learning (December 2009) Yu, C. (Chair), Shiffrin, R., James, K., Smith, L.
Sheya, AdamCoordinating Location and Object Properties in Goal-Directed Action: A Case of Self-Generated Developmental Change (November 2009)Smith, L. (Co-Chair), Beer, R. (Co-Chair), Sporns, O., Yu, C.
Riordan, BrianComparing Semantic Space Models Using Child-directed Speech (March 2007)Gasser, M. (Co-Chair), Jones, M. (Co-Chair), Kubler, S., Yu, C.
Son, Ji Y.Forces of Contextualization and Decontextualization: A Look at Symbols, Experience, and Language (August 2007)Goldstone, R. (Co-Chair), Smith, L (Co-Chair), Gasser, M., Yu, C.