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Indiana University Bloomington
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Jerome R. Busemeyer

Provost Professor Psychological And Brain Sciences
Phone: (812) 855-4882

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  • Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 1979

Professional Experience

  • Past President of the Society of Mathematical Psychology
  • Member of NSF Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics Grant Review Panel
  • Hanse Institute Fellowship, Germany, 1999
  • Editorial Boards for Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Journal ofExperimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, Psychological Review.

Research Interests

Dynamic, emotional, and cognitive models of judgment and decision making

  • Dynamic, emotional, and cognitive models of judgment and decision making
  • Neural network models of function learning, interpolation,extra polation
  • Methodology for comparing and testing complex models of behavior
  • Measurement theory with error contaminated data

Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Johnson, J. G.A Computational Modeling Account of Robust Preference Reversal Phenomena (December 2004)Busemeyer, J. (Co-Chair), Townsend, J. (Co-Chair), Sherman, S. J., Winston, W. L.
Houpt, JosephStatistical Measures for the Double Factorial Paradigm (April 2012)Townsend, J. (Co-chair), Busemeyer, J., Kruschke, J. (Co-chair), Huang, C.
Yurovsky, DanielMechanisms of Statistical Word Learning (September 2012) Yu, C. (Co-Chair), Smith, L. (Co-Chair), Shiffrin, R., Jones, S., Busemeyer, J.,
Harris, JackAutomated Cognitive Model Evaluation: Methodologies And Uses (December 2011)Schuetz, M. (Chair), Bertenthal, B., Busemeyer, J., Leake, D.
Denton, StephenExploring Active Learning in a Bayesian Framework (September 2009)Kruschke, J. (Co-Chair), Busemeyer, J. (Co-Chair), Jones, M., Todd, P.
Dimperio, EricA Dynamic Model of Planning Behaviors in Multi-Stage Risky Decision Tasks (August 2009)Busemeyer, J., Goldstone, R., Kruschke, J., Scheutz, M.
Jessup, Ryan Neural Correlates of the Behavioral Differences Between Descriptive and Experiential Choice: An Examination Combining Computational Modeling with FMRI (September 2008)Busemeyer, J. (Chair), Brown, J., Sporns, O., Todd, P.
Wang, ZhengMotivational Processing and Choice Behavior during Television Viewing: An Integrative Dynamic Approach (September 2007)Lang, A. (Chair), Busemeyer, J., Fox, J., Potter, R.
Fific, MarioEmerging holistic properties at face value: assessing Characteristics of face perception (January 2006)Townsend, J. (Chair), Busemeyer, J., Maki, D., Shiffrin, R.
Laine, TeiAgent-Based Model Selection Framework For Complex Adaptive Systems (August 2006) Menczer, F. (Chair), Gasser, M., Busemeyer, J., Janssen, M.
Hotaling, JaredDecision field theory-planning: A cognitive model of planning and dynamic (November 2013)Busemeyer, J. (Chair), Shiffrin, R., Todd, P., Nosofsky, R.
Frey, SethComplex Collective Dynamics in Human Higher-Level Reasoning. A Study Over Multiple Methods (August 2013)Goldstone, R. (Chair), Todd, P., Beer, R., Busemeyer, J.
Trueblood, JenniferAn Investigation of Context Effects in Multi-Alternative Choice Behavior Through Experimentation and Cognitive Modeling (June 2012)Busemeyer, J. (Chair), Kruschke, J., Shiffrin, R., Townsend, J.