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Indiana University Bloomington
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Michael N. Jones

W. K. Estes Endowed Chair
Professor Cognitive Science
Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences
Office: PY 370
Phone: (812) 856-1490

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  • Ph.D., Psychology, Queen’s University, January, 2005
  • M.A., Psychology, Queen’s University, August, 2001
  • B.A. (Hon), Psychology, Nipissing University, April, 1999

Research Interests

My research focuses on language learning, comprehension, and knowledge representation in humans and machines. I employ a combination of computational and experimental techniques to examine large-scale statistical structure of certain environments (such as language corpora) with the goal of understanding how this structure could be learned and represented with the mathematical capabilities of human learning and memory. This line of my research has applications in machine learning and intelligent systems. The overall premise of my work is that complex behavior often naturally emerges as a product of many simple processors working together at a large scale in response to statistical redundancies in a complex environment.

Under the same unified theme of large-scale statistical learning, I study human associative and recognition memory, categorization, decision making, and the role of attention in reading and perception. I am particularly interested in the temporal dynamics of learning in all these domains, and how to model the time course of knowledge acquisition. My secondary interests involve the application of these models to practical problems in text mining, intelligent search algorithms, and automated comprehension and scoring algorithms.

Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Johns, BrendanLanguage in Memory: Modeling the Influence of Linguistic Structure on Processing (August 2012)Jones, M. (Chair), Todd, P., Shiffrin, R., Yu, C.
Kachergis, George EarleMechanisms for Cross-Situational Learning of Word-Referent Mappings: Empirical and Modeling Evidence (December 2012)Shiffrin, R. (Co-Chair), Yu, C. (Co-Chair), Goldstone, R., Jones, M., Kruschke, J.
Recchia, GabrielInvestigating the Semantics of Abstract Concepts: Evidence From a Property Generation Game (December 2012)Jones, M. (Chair), Goldstone, R., Kubler, S., Todd, P.
Denton, StephenExploring Active Learning in a Bayesian Framework (September 2009)Kruschke, J. (Co-Chair), Busemeyer, J. (Co-Chair), Jones, M., Todd, P.
Gokcesu, Bahriye S.Metaphor Processing and Polysemy (December 2007) Goldstone, R. (Co-Chair), Gasser, M. (Co-Chair), Gershkoff-Stowe L., Jones, M.
Riordan, BrianComparing Semantic Space Models Using Child-directed Speech (March 2007)Gasser, M. (Co-Chair), Jones, M. (Co-Chair), Kubler, S., Yu, C.