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Indiana University Bloomington
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Jonathan W. Mills

Associate Professor Computer Science
Phone: (812) 855-7081

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  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, 1988

Research Interests

Logic as a computational paradigm

I am interested in logic as a computational paradigm for perception and reasoning, and the use of very large-scale integrated circuits (VLSI circuits) to implement the paradigm.

My recent work, conducted with my graduate students, has been to design analog VLSI circuits that implement arrays of ukasiewicz implication. Using implication as a primitive operation, we are developing a form of "lower-order logic programming" as we study the relationship between ukasiewicz logic and neural networks. The design of neural networks using arrays of implication cells and the selection of appropriate learning rules is the current focus of this research.

Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Baray, C. Evolution of Coordination in Reactive Multi-Agent Systems (December 1999)Mills, J. (Chair), Gasser, M., Rawlins, G., Timberlake, W.