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Larry Yaeger

Professor Emeritus Informatics and Computing

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Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Schrementi, GiancarloLanguage in the Balance: Factors in the Emergence of Compositional Communication (June 2011) Gasser, M. (Co-Chair), Leake, D. (Co-Chair), Yaeger, L., Yu, C.
Hullinger, RichardAn Evolutionary Analysis of Selective Attention (August 2011)Kruschke, J. (Co-Chair), Sporns, O., Todd, P. (Co-Chair), Yaeger, L.
Williams, PaulInformation Dynamics: Its Theory and Application to Embodied Cognitive Systems (May 2011) Beer, R (Chair)., Beggs, J., Olaf, S., Yaeger, L.
Alexander, WillA Real-Time Model of Attention (September 2006) Sporns, O. (Chair), Goldstone, R., Kruschke, J., Yaeger, L.