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Indiana University Bloomington
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Lawrence S. Moss

Professor Mathematics
Adjunct Professor Computer Science
Adjunct Professor Informatics
Adjunct Professor Linguistics
Adjunct Professor Philosophy
Departmental Liaison to Cognitive Science Mathematics and Statistics
Phone: (812) 855-8281


  • Ph.D., UCLA, 1984

Professional Experience

  • Postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford University, 1984-85
  • Postdoctoral fellowship at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY, 1988-90

Research Interests

Applied Logic

My research interests are in logic, especially areas of overlap between logic and computer science, and logic and linguistics. I have been involved in several areas of this overlap, including studies of grammar formalisms, non-wellfounded sets, the math ematics of language, and foundational work on recursion and on the semantics of programming.

Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Martinez, M. Commonsense Reasoning Via Product State Spaces (July 2004)Moss, L. (Co-Chair), Gasser, M. (Co-Chair), Maki, D., McCarty, D.
Scheutz, M. The Missing Link: Implementation And Realization of Communication in Computer And Cognitive Science (September 1999)Smith, B. (Co-Chair), Gasser, M. (Co-Chair), Moss, L., Port, R.
Tiede, H. Deductive Systems And Grammars: Proofs as Grammatical Structure (July 1999)Moss, L. (Chair), Barwise, K. J. Benthem, J. F. A. K., McCarty, D. C., Pierce, B. C.
Tiede, H. Causation, Causal Perception, And Conservation Laws (November 1999)Moss, L. (Chair), Friedman, M., Bingham, G., Koertge, N., Suppe, F.,
Lara-Dammer, FranciscoModeling Human Discoverativity in Geometry (December 2009)Hofstadter, D. (Chair), Gasser, M., Leake, D., Moss, L., Port, R.
Abramson, DarrenComputability and Mind (June 2006) McCarty, D. (Co-Chair), Moss, L. (Co-Chair), Weinberg, J., McLaughlin, B.
Lee, SeunghwanProbabilistic Reasoning on Metric Spaces (August 2006)Moss, L. (Chair), Bradley, R., Leake, D., Van Gucht, D.