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Indiana University Bloomington
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Robert M. Nosofsky

Chancellor's Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences
Distinguished Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences
Phone: (812) 855-2534

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  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1984


  • APA Distinguished Scientific Award for an Early Career Contribution, 1993
  • Troland Research Award from the National Academy of Sciences, 1995

Professional Experience

  • President, Society for Mathematical Psychology, 1997
  • Editor, Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 2007-2010

Research Interests


My research is organized around the development and testing of formal mathematical and computer-simulation models of category learning and representation. The main competing models that drive the research include exemplar-storage and retrieval models as well as abstract rule-based models. Tests of the models have involved studying detailed relations between categorization performance and other fundamental cognitive processes, including identification, old-new recognition, similarity judgment, and the development of automaticity.

Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Clopper, C. G.Linguistic Experience and the Perceptual Classification of Dialect Variation (August 2004)Jong, K. J. (Co-Chair), Pisoni, D. B. (Co-Chair), Auger, J., Dissen, D. A., Nosofsky, R. M.
Criss, A.H.The Representation of Single Items and Associations in Episodic memory (July 2004)Shiffrin, R. M. (Co-Chair), Nosofsky, R. M., Estes, W. K., Steinmetz, J. E. (Co-Chair)
Treat, T. A.Role of Cognitive Processing of Body-Size and Affect Stimulus Information in Bulimia (October 2000)McFall, R. M. (Chair), Viken, R. J., Nosofsky, R. M., Kruschke, J. K., Mackay, D. B.
Erickson, M. A. Rules and Exemplar Representation in Category Learning (June 1999)Kruschke, J. (Co-Chair), Shiffrin, R. (Co-Chair), Gasser, M., Port, R. F., Nosofsky, R. N.
Nobel, P. A.Response Times in Recognition and Recall (April 1996)Shiffrin, R. (Chair), Kruschke, J. K., Nosofsky, R. M., Port, R. F.
Bergert, Franklin BryanUsing Response Time to Distinguish Between Lexicographic and Linear Models of Decision Making (January 2008) Nosofsky, R. (Chair), Kruschke, J., Todd, P., Townsend, J.
Vigo, RonaldoMathematical Principles of Boolean Concept Learning (May 2008)Allen, C. (Co-Chair), Kruschke, J. (Co-Chair), Goldstone, R., Nosofsky, R., Townsend, J.
Stanton, RogerDissociations of Classification: Evidence against the Multiple Learning-Systems Hypothesis (August 2007) Nosofsky, R. (Chair), Goldstone, R., James, T., Kruschke, J.
Hotaling, JaredDecision field theory-planning: A cognitive model of planning and dynamic (November 2013)Busemeyer, J. (Chair), Shiffrin, R., Todd, P., Nosofsky, R.