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Indiana University Bloomington
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Randall D. Beer

Provost Professor Cognitive Science
Provost Professor School of Informatics and Computing
Phone: (812) 856-0873

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  • Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1989

Research Interests

Embodied, situated and dynamical approaches to behavior and cognition, evolutionary robotics, computational neuroscience, theoretical biology

My primary research interest is in understanding how coordinated behavior arises from the dynamical interaction of an animal's nervous system, its body and its environment. Toward this end, I work on the evolution and analysis of dynamical "nervous systems" for model agents, neuromechanical modeling of animals, biologically-inspired robotics, and dynamical systems approaches to behavior and cognition. More generally, I am interested in computational and theoretical biology, including models of metabolism, gene regulation and development. I also have a longstanding interest in the design and implementation of dynamic programming languages and their programming environments.

Dissertation Committee Service

Bold student names indicate a cognitive science standalone student.

Author Dissertation Title Committee
Brady, Michael A Field-Based Artificial Neural Network w/ Cerebella Model for Complex Motor Sequence Learning (May 2012)Beer, R. (Chair), Kewley-Port, D., Port, R., Bingham, G.
Kadihasanoglu, DidemAn Evolutionary Robotics Approach to Visually-Guided Braking: Data and Theory (October 2012)Beer, R. (Chair), Bingham, G., Busey, T., Yu, C.
Williams, PaulInformation Dynamics: Its Theory and Application to Embodied Cognitive Systems (May 2011) Beer, R (Chair)., Beggs, J., Olaf, S., Yaeger, L.
Zednik, CarlosMechanistic Explanation and Dynamical Cognitive Science (August 2011) Allen, C (Chair)., Beer, R., Weinberg, J., Chemero, A.
Sheya, AdamCoordinating Location and Object Properties in Goal-Directed Action: A Case of Self-Generated Developmental Change (November 2009)Smith, L. (Co-Chair), Beer, R. (Co-Chair), Sporns, O., Yu, C.
Frey, SethComplex Collective Dynamics in Human Higher-Level Reasoning. A Study Over Multiple Methods (August 2013)Goldstone, R. (Chair), Todd, P., Beer, R., Busemeyer, J.