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Undergraduate Research Fair

This page lists information about labs at Indiana University, Bloomington which are seeking one or more undergraduate research assistants. It is intended for use by IU students who desire such a position; accordingly, each listing includes contact and application information.

If you'd like to submit an advertisement, please contact the webmaster.

Current Listings
Research Assistant / Programmer Needed

The Voice Physiology Lab in the Dept. of Speech and Hearing Sciences is seeking a part-time research assistant who is a programmer capable of modifying existing programs to facilitate the collection, storage, back-up, and analysis of research data. Programs are run on Apple Macintosh computers and include:
  • Igor Pro, a macro language with a syntax similar to C++ used for data analysis (like a canned version of Matlab)
  • Matlab, Image Processing Toolbox, Psychtoolbox, and occasionally Statistical Parametric Mapping used to display images and analyze data from magnetic resonance imaging studies
  • Max/MSP, a GUI-based program used for controlling musical (MIDI) devices
  • Applescript or some other application capable of batch processing files
  • Dreamweaver (or other XHTML software) for web page updating.

Applicants with C++ programming experience preferred, but expertise using every application listed is not expected. Pay is $11/hr., (or more, depending on experience) for 8-12 hours/week during the school year, with more hours possible in the summer months. Programming needs will be ongoing because new research experiments are begun each semester.

If interested, please contact Dr. Theresa Burnett, 855-3886 or
Research Assistants Needed
Voice Physiology Laboratory
Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences

The assistants will receive 1-3 hrs of course credit (P493, P494, P495, Q493, Q495) offered in exchange for assistance with acoustic, behavioral & fMRI studies of auditory feedback & motor control.

Responsibilities include subject recruitment, hearing screening, data collection & analysis, data entry, and maintaining files and equipment. Hours are flexible but a commitment of at least 8-10 hours is required.

Qualified applicants are reliable, detail-oriented students in Speech and Hearing Sciences, Psychology, Computer Science, or a related field. P433 “Laboratory in Neuroimaging Methods & Statistics” desirable but not required.

If interested, please contact Dr. Teri Burnett:
Telephone:(812) 855-3886
Office: SPHS Bldg, room C133
For 2006 - 2007
Looking For Research Experience?

We are looking for four undergraduate research assistants. Research assistants will obtain 3 credits by enrolling in PSYCH 495 (individual research in Psychology) or Q495 (individual research in Cognitive Science)

Benefits for you:
  • Course credit: 1-3 hours
  • Learn about cognitive science by actively participating
  • See first-hand whether a career in research is for you
  • The intellectual stimulation of a lab environment
  • Human subject running or computational modeling- about 7 hours/week
  • Experimental design and analysis - about 1 hour/week
  • Weekly lab meetings - about 1 hour/week
  • Interest in cognitive science Our experiments and computational models explore how people learn new concepts, make judgments, and perceive. We are also exploring group behavior and complex systems computational models.
  • Dependability & responsibility
  • Cognitive science, psychology, computer science or science major is a big plus
  • Experience using Macintosh computers is a plus
See Dr. Robert Goldstone in room 338 Psychology, call him at 855-4853, or email him at to schedule an interview.
Paid Research Assistantships for Sophomores and Juniors
Speech Research Laboratory
Dr. David B. Pisoni

Research areas include:
  • Speech perception
  • Spoken language processing
  • Human learning and memory
  • Cochlear implants
Job Description:
  • Conduct experiments on human participants
  • Collect and analyze behavioral data
  • Participate in discussions about research topics
Time Commitment: 12-15 hours/week

  • Some computer programming experience
  • Some relevant coursework in cognitive psychology, statistics, and research methods
Applications should be emailed to David Pisoni Please include:
  • Year in college
  • Major(s)
  • GPA
  • Relevant coursework
  • A summary of your interests
If you are interested in
  • Cognition in mental Disorders
  • Effects of Cannabis Use on Cognitive Function
  • Neurobiological Signal Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
Brian O'Donnell is happy to talk to you regarding opportunities in my lab. However, he does not have any paid positions currently.

Brian O'Donnell
In the Information Processing Lab, we study human memory. We are interested in answering questions like: "How do we remember a past event?", "How do we remember general knowledge?", and "How are memories represented?".

The lab is run by Richard M. Shiffrin, the most recent Rumelhart Award winner for lifetime contributions to theorizing about cognition.

We are interested in attracting top-notch undergraduates to the lab in order to teach them laboratory methods, data analysis, computer programming skills, and current theories of memory.

Minimum qualifications:
  • an interest in memory research
  • 3.5 GPA
  • mathematical and/or programming skills are highly desirable
You will begin by learning how a cutting-edge research lab is run, and you will learn about the theories we currently developing and testing. As one progresses in the lab, opportunities will arise that will allow you to learn how to design and program your own experiments.

Time Commitment:
  • 2 hours per week attending lab meeting
  • 6 to 8 hours week conducting research

To apply or for more information contact either:
Adam Sanborn ( or Christoph Weidemann (
Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) Position

Chen Yu's Computational Cognition and Learning Lab is looking for motivated undergraduates interested in assisting graduate students in experimental psychology research during the spring semester (or earlier).

Our lab studies human development and learning through both empirical studies and computational models. We are particularly interested in how language is grounded in sensorimotor experience and how language development depends on complex interactions among brain, body and environment. To learn more, please visit the lab website.

If you are interested in learning how to conduct research, and you have approximately 8-12 hours per week, we're looking for you. You can volunteer or work for class credit during your first semester, with the possibility of being asked to continue as a paid URA after this training semester. No prior lab experience is necessary, but a 3.5 or higher GPA is required.

If you're considering graduate school, this is a great opportunity to see what working in a lab is really like. You will attend weekly lab meetings, run subjects in experiments, score and analyze data, and help design new experiments.

For more information, please contact Krystal Klein or Chen Yu. Please include the following information:

Your Name

Year in School (freshman, sophomore, etc)

Number of hours available to work and tentative time blocks available

Major (declared or undeclared)


Psychology/Cognitive Science classes (taken or will be taking)