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Functions for Systems Factorial Technology Analysis of Data: This package contains a series of tools for analyzing Systems Factorial Technology data. This includes functions for plotting and statistically testing capacity coefficient functions and survivor interaction contrast functions.

MWERT: A Javascript template to make the problem of creating real-time, multi-player web experiments tractable for those with a background in conventional, non-web-based programming.

Combinatorics and statistics: Educational materials regarding introductory combinatorics and statistics.

Signal detection experiment: An experiment to study signal detection.

Sternberg's STM scanning experiment: An experiment that is modeled after Sternberg's short-term memory scanning task.

Matrix Arithmetic: A small suite of programs to help students learn the basics of addition, subtraction, and multiplication on matrices.

t Statistic Calculator: This program calculates the t statistic for comparing the results of experiments.

Olaf Sporns' Brain Connectivity Toolbox: A toolbox that combines Matlab functions and data sets that are useful for the analysis of structural or functional brain networks.