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Please note that students who matriculated prior to Fall 2015 may have different minor requirements. Please refer any questions to the Cognitive Science Undergraduate Academic Advisor.

Requirements for Minor in Cognitive Science

At least 15 credit hours in cognitive science, including:

  1. At least two of the following courses: Q240, Q350, and Q370
  2. One additional course (or course sequence) in math/logic or computation for cognitive science:
    1. Q350 (unless used to satisfy requirement 1); or
    2. Q260 and Q320 (Q260 may be exempted for students with strong computational backgrounds); or
    3. Q351
  3. Additional course work from the list of courses approved for the COGS major (please refer to the College Bulletin), to satisfy the requirement of 15 credit hours.
  4. At least 9 credit hours in the minor must be at the 300-400 level.