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The Cognitive Science Program is working continuously to identify employers with internship opportunities for cognitive science students. The cognitive science undergraduate advising office is prepared to work with students, who are seeking internships.

In addition, the undergraduate advisor is available to assist students in developing their internship resume and cover letter. To view a sample resume and cover letter, click here.

The Cognitive Science Program has established an online Undergraduate Research Fair specifically to help our undergraduates find opportunities for important experience in IU labs.

Course credit for internship experience

Q496 Internship in Professional Practice (1-6 credits)

Course Description
Prerequisites: sophomore standing or 15 credit hours completed in cognitive science major or minor, and approval by the Cognitive Science Program.

Professional work experience in an industry or research organization setting, using skills/knowledge acquired in cognitive science coursework. Requires learning contract. Evaluation by site supervisor and Cognitive Science Program.

Does not count toward major or minor requirements, elective credit only. May be repeated for a total of 6 credit hours. S/F grading. Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Course Materials
The course materials listed below are available online in PDF format. To view these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free).

Students are encouraged to read the Internship Policy Document before applying for internship course credit.  The policy document describes the philosophy and policies associated with internship course credit from the Cognitive Science Program. 

Students will not be authorized to register for Cognitive Science Q496 Internship in Professional Practice until they have become familiar with the materials listed above and have met with the Cognitive Science Program Undergraduate Advisor.

Campus Resources for Obtaining an Internship

Career Development Center
625 N. Jordan Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-5234

The Career Development Center serves any IU student interested in locating internship positions related to their interests and career plans. Services include workshops and programs aimed at orienting students to the internship search process, on-campus interviewing with employers seeking interns, resume referrals to employers unable to recruit on campus, a yearly internship fair, and internship listings. Note: the registration procedures for utilizing career and internship services differ in each area. If you wish to use the services of all of them, you will need to register separately and meet the requirements at each location.

Faculty, Research Advisors, Instructors, etc.
Students should make use of their connections with individual faculty, research advisors, or course instructors when seeking to identify internship opportunities. Many members of the academic community also have industry affiliations that may lead to possible internship positions. Be sure to plan ahead and approach faculty members professionally. Make an appointment to discuss your internship interests and identify any leads.

School of Business Undergrad Career Services
School of Business, 10th and Fee Lane, Room P100
Bloomington, IN 47405

Any student interested in pursuing business related internships can register with the career services office if they are enrolled in or have completed BUS X220-Career Perspectives. Note: the registration procedures for utilizing career and internship services differ in each area. If you wish to use the services of all of them, you will need to register separately and meet the requirements at each location.

School of Public and Environmental Affairs Placement and Internship Office
School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), Room 200, Tenth and Fee Lane
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-9639

Any interested student can take advantage of job and internship listings, workshops, and other programs. Students interested in participating in the SPEA on-campus recruiting program must register with the Placement and Internship Office. Note: the registration procedures for utilizing career and internship services differ in each area. If you wish to use the services of all of them, you will need to register separately and meet the requirements at each location.

Career Reference Collection-Undergraduate Library Services
Indiana University Main Library, Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-9857

The Career Reference Collection in the Undergraduate Library brings together books, software, and WWW bookmarks to help students plan their futures. Students can use the resources to locate information about: internships, resume development, career exploration, job databases, choosing majors, international jobs, and more!

Other Resources for Obtaining an Internship

World Wide Web
  • Internship Resources/Directories--
    a large number of internship resources exist on the Internet! The challenge is identifying those that are current and match your interests/needs. A good place to start is a specific key word search using one of the major search engines, e.g. "Information Technology Internships". Many of the career related services offices on campus include a list of internship related links on their home pages.

  • Corporate/Organizational Web Sites--
    many organizations maintain a listing of available full-time or internship positions on their home pages. Usually these are located in a "Careers" or "Job Opportunities" section of their web site. Larger organizations also maintain web pages describing structured internship programs with positions in a variety of departments/divisions.

Professional Associations/Organizations
Some professional associations offer publications for students interested in identifying career or internship opportunities in their field. Additionally, some organizations will maintain online databases of internship and job opportunities. To locate such resources, identify the major professional associations related to the career field in which you are seeking an internship, then visit their web pages or contact them directly for more information.

Directories and Guides to Internships
A wealth of print-based internship directories or guides exist, and similar to internship related web sites, the challenge is finding resources that are current and fit your needs. Before buying any directories or guides with your own money, check the university library, public libraries, or the career resource libraries located in the program offices listed above. They often carry current copies of the major internship directories.

Friends and Family
One of the first places to start an internship search is family and friends! Tell everyone you know that you are seeking an internship. Ask them to keep their ears and eyes open for you. Ask them for names of people whom you might contact in particular organizations or at their own place of employment. Make sure to thank them for any information they provide or any calls they make for you!

Other College/University Career Services Offices
If you are seeking an internship closer to home or out of state, check out the services offered by colleges and universities in that area. Often, career services offices will allow students from other universities to use a limited number of their services, including gaining access to internship listings or databases.