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The Student Organization for Cognitive Science (SOCS) is a fun way to participate in stimulating cognitive science-related activities with great people. Activities include weekly discussions about relevant and interesting topics, dinners with esteemed IU professors, lab tours, movie nights, and guest lectures (with, of course, plenty of food at each event).

Fall 2019 meetings: Thursdays, 5-6pm, PSY128

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Please visit for more information.

We also have a new Facebook page! Check us out at!

2017-18 SOCS Officers


  • Morgan Klutzke
    Hello! My name is Morgan Klutzke, and I’m a junior studying cognitive science and psychology. Although my main interest lies in behavior and cognition, I’m always excited to see the variety of fields in which cognitive science can be applied. Some of my favorites include human-computer interaction, game design, and linguistics. Although I’m relatively new to SOCS, I’m very excited to be helping facilitate an environment of learning and fun!

  • Taylor-Page Guba
    Hello! My name is Guba, and I am a junior studying Jewish Studies and Cognitive Science with a concentration in Linguistics. I currently work in the Learning, Education, and Development Lab here at IU, and I am heavily involved in the Collins Living-Learning Center, Themester, and the Jewish Studies Student Association. I first knew I wanted to study cognitive science in high school because, as I was thinking about what I might major in when I got to college, I couldn't confine myself to just one discipline. Luckily, cognitive science allows me to explore anything and everything I want. My main passion is using the perspectives gained from all the fields related to cognitive science (philosophy, linguistics, computer science, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, etc.) to improve our system education and how we approach teaching and learning.

SOCS Photos

  • 2017/2018 SOCS Callout Meeting and Pizza.

  • Big thanks to our alum Winter Mason, PhD'2009, currently at Facebook, for a great talk with our COGS students about his amazing work experience.
  • Big thanks SOCS and Dr. Peter Todd and Dr. Josh Brown, and Saptarshi Sinha with his robot- pets for helping to make the Major Expo a great event this year!.
  • On April 5th, 2016, SOCS participants listen to Dr. Thomas Schoenemann’s presentation on primate brains and using of tools. Professor Schoenemann’s research focuses on coevolution of the brain and behavior.
  • Several SOCS members brought “I Am a Strange Loop” book to sign by the author, Dr. Hofstadter to dinner on April12, 2016. Dr. Hofstadter talked about word analogies and caricature analogies and how we create them. He signed the books each with a unique “doodle”, to prove that humans are never identical in their creativity.